4 Less Common Cabinet Coatings Atlanta GA to Consider For Your Kitchen

4 Less Common Cabinet Coatings Atlanta GA to Consider For Your Kitchen

As part of the kitchen remodel, you’ve chosen to keep the existing cabinetry and refinish it. Part of the job will be applying some sort of protective coating after you paint or stain the restored cabinetry. Here are some examples of protective cabinet coatings Atlanta GA that you can consider other than the typical clear coating.

Distressed Coatings

It’s possible to add some detail to the cabinetry by applying what’s known as a distressed coating. This option helps the cabinetry to look somewhat worn, but not worn out. The effect can be striking, depending on the look that you want for the kitchen.

For example, this approach can work well when you’re going for a country or farmhouse design for the space. The look can hearken back to a more rural setting, even if you live in the city. Many people find this touch to be warm and welcoming, especially if you carry the distressed look to the kitchen table.

Tinted Coatings

Perhaps you want to make better use of the same color that you chose for the cabinetry. Rather than settling for a clear coating, opt for a tinted one using the same color. This approach helps to bring more depth to the look, while continuing to provide the protection that the cabinets need.

See this as a way to maintain the appearance provided by the color choice, while also helping to protect the cabinets from the types of splatters and other issues that sometimes happen in a kitchen. The coating can also be used to help accent the sheen that you wanted for the cabinets, essentially enhancing the overall look.

Glazed Coatings

Glazed coatings work in much the same way, but they tend to be a different color than the tinted variety. Typically, this is a way to soften the look of color that you chose for the cabinetry while still allowing it to be seen with relative ease. Cabinet coatings Atlanta GA of this kind can help make the kitchen seem more welcoming to anyone who is occupying the space at the time.

To get an idea of how it works, consider the sugary glazed found on doughnuts. You can still see the golden brown underneath, an effect that enhances rather than hides the color. In this way, it helps to improve the look while hiding nothing.

A Waterborne Coating

When you see a coating described as waterborne, it simply means that the coating can be wiped off using a wet cloth. It’s strong enough to repel whatever lands on the cabinet surface, and will not require spray or foam cleaners to remove the substance. The coating can be clear, tinted, glazed, or any other type that you like.

This approach provides a practical solution to keeping the kitchen tidy. In many cases, a sponge or a wet paper towel will be all it takes to clean up the mess. That’s nice, since you don’t always want to reach for some sort of cleaning agent when you’re in the profess of preparing a meal.

If you aren’t sure what sort of coating to apply to your kitchen cabinetry, have a word with the contractor. It won’t take long to come up with a solution that provides all the benefits that you desire.

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