Are You Sizing And Positioning Your Rugs Correctly?

Are you ready to transform your home into your dream space? It can be tough, all your rooms from the living room to the bedroom present design challenges.

However, you’ll be surprised by how much a rug can help strike a balance between making your house feel cosy and spacious while also blending in perfectly with your home decor.

The very reason people love rugs – so many options, sizes and flexibility – are also the reasons that make positioning a rug correctly challenging.

When you want to get the most out of your rug, then you must figure out how to size and place it right.

However, before you get there, pause for a moment and look around you.

Take A Closer Look At Your House

Start by considering what you’ll be working with. Do you like your home’s decor? What don’t you like about your home’s interior design?

Are you feeling prompted to add a rug by the style of your home decor? Which colour, size and type of rug do you think would be suitable for your house?

You need to ponder these questions before you start worrying about how to size and arrange your rug.

The things you like and your home’s current style will not only help you pick the perfect rug but also help you to position your rug correctly.

Collect Photos & Watch Videos

The next thing you need to do before you start moving furniture around to position your rug is to collect photos and watch videos of rugs you like.

Even if you’re going to work with professional home designers to arrange your rug, pictures and videos give you a sense of direction.

Define What You Like

Many people have a difficult time positioning their rugs correctly because they fail to identify what they like.

Articulating what you want regarding the type, size, colour and material of the rug plus the decor will help you position your rug right and make your space as inviting as you’d like.

Look at styles of furnishings in your house, the size of the area, the quantity of furniture in the room and colour palettes to understand your taste better.

Eventually, you will identify your basic comfort level and know the kind of space you’ll have after arranging your rug.

How To Position Your Rug Correctly

Are You Sizing And Positioning Your Rugs Correctly

Picking the right rug is one thing; correctly arranging it is a whole different issue.

You will need to take into consideration the size as well as the shape of the rug in order to position your rug correctly and perfectly accentuate your style.

After all, different sizes and shapes suit different spaces, and the right rug will play a vital role in invigorating the entire space.

Here are some tips on positioning and sizing your rug in the living room and dining area:

Living Room

  • Small: If you pick a small rug for the living room, make sure that all furniture legs are off the rug.
  • Medium: Arrange your rug such that only the front legs of the furniture are sitting on the edges of the rug.
  • Large & Extra Large: Put all the legs of your couch and other furniture in the living room on the rug but make sure to leave at least 18 inches between the walls and perimeter of the rug.

Dining Room

  • Small: Best suited for a rectangular dining table. Position the table and all the chairs on the rug.
  • Medium: For bigger dining tables.
  • Round rugs: Position the rug at the centre of the room with all table legs on the rug. Round rugs are best for square tables.

A well-positioned rug can create harmony in any room, so please make sure you take advantage of the above tips to help you choose the right size of rug for the rooms in your home.

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