Which Is The Best Wine Fridge To Buy?

Which Is The Best Wine Fridge To Buy?

A wine fridge is an investment piece, not just for your carefully curated collection but as an asset to your home. The decision to buy a wine fridge is not taken lightly nor quickly. Factors such as size of wine collection, placement, available area and extant decor must all be considered. A diverse collection needs contemplation as some fridges have dual temperature zones, but a multi-zoned model would be preferable for more precise storage for more precise storage. By starting simply – with what size fridge suits best – you will have a solid baseline from which to work. Working out the appropriate size is a matter of how much you want to store and where. Built-in wine fridge, UK models can be installed in your existing cabinetry to harmonise with your interior design. Free-standing models are simply gorgeous in an open entertainment area. The first step is to decide on the best size for your needs.

Small, Medium or Large Wine Fridge?

Small wine fridges are compact enough to fit anywhere. Ideal for caravans or handy office fridges, these cute coolers have their place. However, for home use, the larger sizes are more productive. The size will depend on your available area and where you want your fridge. For larger homes or those with tasting rooms or entertainment areas, a large fridge will comfortably hold over 140 bottles. In a more modest range, tall slimline wine fridges have generous capacity while taking up less living space. Sleek models are an undeniable highlight as free-standing sources of perfectly chilled pleasures and blend well with contemporary surroundings. Many gatherings see a knot of people around the wine fridge discussing ideal temperatures for different wines. They are the domestic version of the office water cooler.

Cooler heads prevail

Once you have reached a consensus on size, it’s time to start researching the best brand for your buck. Established brands like Siemens and Bodega43 are known for high-quality products and excellent aftersales service. They are not alone, as oenophiles globally have become a target market with rapidly growing numbers for refrigerator manufacturers. Other big brands have joined the party, and there is a satisfying plethora of excellent wine fridges for the discerning shopper. It pays to spend a bit of time researching some brands to compare their offerings, taking note of guarantee lengths, aftersales service, and if delivery and installation are provided. All wine fridges are not equal, and attention must be paid to ensure your requirements are adequately met.

Energy Efficiency

Most wine fridges use compressor technology, but some use thermoelectric energy. While thermoelectric energy is more energy-efficient and a tad quieter, they are only truly efficient for maintaining the temperature in smaller spaces. Compressors will handle larger models and can minimise temperature fluctuations. For a smaller fridge, thermoelectric would be an advantage, as the lack of a compressor will mean fewer vibrations. Larger fridges combat vibration with wooden shelving as wood is a natural shock absorber and is to scratching bottles and labels. While the energy-efficient thermoelectric units are cheaper, the compressor-using fridge is more logical for larger collections. Choose your fridge based on size requirements, placement, desired temperature controls, and fit into your lifestyle. By buying from a well supported and known brand, you will have many blissful years of pristinely chilled wine in your future. Slange Var!