Top Reasons to Build a Garaport

A garaport derived its name from a mix of a steel garage and a carport.

The title suggests precisely how a garaport appears – a steel garage with an attached carport on its end. As it is with many other structures, a garaport is superior to having a garage or a carport simply because it is a combination of both.

Here’s some of the main benefits that you should know about this structure.

Extra Storage

Having a garaport means that you will have a larger covered storage area than in a single garage or carport structure.

Homeowners usually find themselves storing items in the garage even though they initially intend to park their cars within it, but with a garaport, you will have space for storage and still have the carport extension to park your car.

Extra Parking Space

If you don’t have much need for storage spaces, you can … Read the rest