Top Reasons to Build a Garaport

A garaport derived its name from a mix of a steel garage and a carport.

The title suggests precisely how a garaport appears – a steel garage with an attached carport on its end. As it is with many other structures, a garaport is superior to having a garage or a carport simply because it is a combination of both.

Here’s some of the main benefits that you should know about this structure.

Extra Storage

Having a garaport means that you will have a larger covered storage area than in a single garage or carport structure.

Homeowners usually find themselves storing items in the garage even though they initially intend to park their cars within it, but with a garaport, you will have space for storage and still have the carport extension to park your car.

Extra Parking Space

If you don’t have much need for storage spaces, you can utilise your garaport for extra parking spaces.

You can keep several vehicles in the garaport, which can provide your guests with additional protected parking space when they visit you.

No more worries about searingly hot seats from parking your vehicle under the sun! You can even hang extra shades around the carport extension to protect the vehicle from the heat if you want to.

Vehicle Protection

There’s no better place to ensure that your car is more protected than in a covered area.

You can park your car under the shades of the carport extension to protect it from weather damage, or park it into the garage areas and keep it locked when unused for maximum security. With more space to be utilised as a storage space in a garaport, you might find yourself with a lot more parking space inside the garage section.

Simple Construction

If you already have an existing garage, the construction process to build your attached carport is fast and straightforward.

Carports do not have walls, so there’s little work to be done beyond setting up the posts. You can even purchase a prefabricated carport kit to make the job even simpler for you!

You can expect the construction time to be just comfortably short as well if your garaport is mainly built out of steel panels.

Less Cost, More Value

A garaport is a combination of two structures and that the carport extension only needs several posts, meaning that there is barely any cost necessary to build the latter structure, especially if you already have your own garage.

Building a garaport is a lot more worth its price since you’ll be getting more functions, storage space and more in a single structure!


If you do not use your garage as a storage space, you can park your car in it and use the extra shades from your carport extension for any other outdoor family functions that you might have – barbeques and parties, or even just as an outdoor resting space with deck chairs and cold drinks.

At the very least, you will find that holding events in a garaport is a lot better than keeping it in a stuffy garage.

Image Flickr CCO.