Navigating the World of Electrical Contractors and Air Conditioning

Dealing with electrical installation or repair is a tricky enterprise. You want quality work from a professional contractor you can trust. From a simple lighting fix to a full install on an air conditioner a good electrician is a valuable find. So exactly do you find one? The best reviews start from word of mouth. Asking family and friends to see if they have worked with a good contractor before. When that fails other steps are needed.


Vetting good service is a matter of checking up on everything about them. The internet provides more than enough information to make an informed decision. Quality electricians have good reviews, reliable recommendations, positive ratings, experience, and necessary credentials. Good contractors have the necessary licenses, insurance coverage, and certification to operate in your area. Any lack of such credentials is a warning sign. Always look for three or more good choices so you can compare quotes later. Reviews can be found anywhere on the net with a simple search. For more specific information visit the company home site. If the company does not have one that is another red flag. If you are looking into a company like Bay Air Electrical & Air Conditioning, there should be a corresponding website containing all its legal information.

Interview Your Choices

A meeting or consultation with the contractor is the next inevitable step. Here you can familiarize yourself with their work ethic, preferences, and overall attitude. If they try to up sell you and are very adamant about the way, they want to do it go somewhere else. A contractor is working for you, so your needs should be a key focal point. Preferences will also determine if they are a good fit. If you need internal wiring done check to see if that is something they can do. Do they specialize in just one type of service? Are they able to install heating and cooling devices? You can also determine if this is someone you want to work with. Bad attitudes mean difficult to work with. Even though you are not an expert in the field does not mean you input does not matter. Be careful of contractors that do not take your preferences seriously. Choose ones that hold your needs in regard and fit the specific task you need completed.


Comparing quotes is always a smart thing to do. An estimate should always fall in the same ballpark as other you receive. You will always find cheaper but not by too much. If there is a drastic difference be sure to find out why. Also, check if there are ongoing specials. Many companies have seasonal promotions to entice consumers. Riding that discount wave can garner great quality for a great price.

Make sure whatever pricing you receive is in writing. Document everything so you can have protection. Be wary of contractors who do not give you necessary paperwork. Good contractors will itemize everything they are doing and explain why it is necessary.