How to Overseed or Reseed Your Lawn

There is a lot of information out there for how to perform proper lawn care. There are a million different topic that you need to cover and even more sites that will offer the “best” advice for you to take when you are looking to overseed your lawn. While you may get confused as to what you do need to do and what you don’t the simple fact of the matter is this, stopping and taking some healthy advice will make sure that you have the best results for your lawn this year and allow you to avoid a lot of the mistakes that others before you had made. Without waiting any more, let’s get down to the bare bones and see all that has to be considered when you go to overseed your lawn.

Pick the right time of year

Timing is everything especially when it comes to picking the right time of the year that you will take to your lawn. The ideal time for you to do this is in September before there is a frost. You also can not do this during a time when the temperatures are freezing. when the Temps are at least 50 degrees and there is no overnight frost, then you can perform this without any worry that your lawn will not take the seed.

Be sure that you Manage the Weeds

Weeds can destroy your efforts and as such, you need to make sure that you find a weed killer that will target the weeds and not actually kill the glass as well. This is a common mistake that a lot of people tend to make when it comes to their use of weed killer. The best type of weed killer to users one that utilizes the use of 2-4D. This will kill those pesky weeds and leave your grass safe and sound.

Mow Your Grass Low

The lower that your grass is cut, then the better the chances are that the seedlings will be able to grow and this will also reduce the competition that you will have from grass that is already established. The lower that the grass is, then the better your odds are that you will be able to see your seeds actually grow and get the sunlight and water that they desperately need. These two things are needed for grass to grow effectively and help to ensure that you get the best coverage possible.

Check the Ph Of Your Soil

This is a step that can be skipped, but often it is not a wise thing to do as this can lead to you wasting your time. You can ask your city to test it for you, or there are several kits on the market that you can take advantage of that will help you to determine what the PH of your lawn will be. Having a PH of around 6.0to 6.8 will be essential in helping to get the best possible results for your efforts to seed your lawn.

Add a top layer of compost

This layer will be vital in helping to give seeds a better chance to grow by giving them added nutrients that they will need in order to survive and have the best chance at growing and taking root in your yard. As you can see, this is a process that has a lot of steps which you need to be focused on. Taking your time and not cutting things short will ensure that you are making the right decision for your lawn management and help to ensure that this summer, you will have one of the best looking lawns around. Author Bio : Sarah loves writing on lawns and garden and she works for Yourgreenpal!

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