Four-Legged Men’s Best Friends: The Coziest Sofas from Bellavista Collection

For many of us a four-legged best friend isn’t a dog – it’s a sofa. For lots of people, leisure time means relaxation, and a sofa is a perfect place to recline at ease and relax. That’s what sofas are created for (well, not to mention cuddling and watching movies).

A sofa is a tsar of a living-room. Often, it’s located in front of a TV set or a TV panel. It is on a sofa or around it that most of our activities are going on when we are at home. We plop down and stretch out on it after a working day. Our kids bounce and play on it, and our pets compete for the best place on it with humans.

It isn’t about turning into couch potatoes: sometimes we all just need a break from active life.

All this means that choosing the right sofa is a serious matter. What a perfect sofa should be?

Comfy, durable, and nice-looking

Nobody will argue that a good sofa must be comfortable at the first place.

Bellavista Collection, a company known all round the world for its Italian luxury furniture, offers the coziest sofas you can ever think of. But that isn’t all. Made by skilled Italian craftsmen out of top-quality materials, these sofas withstand wear and tear so well that you will enjoy your sofa for decades to come.  And on the top of it, these sofas look exquisite.

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You will be able to see it for yourself, if you visit Bellavista Collection’s website and browse UPHOLSTERED PIECES category. It is divided into five sub-categories. The sofa you’ve been looking for is waiting for you in the same-named sub-category, i.e. SOFAS. Other four sub-categories are named DORMEUSES, ARMCHAIRS, OTTOMANS & BENCHES, and DINING CHAIRS.

By the way, if your living room is small, why not consider a dormeuse rather than a sofa? A dormeuse looks like a compact sofa with an inclined backrest and one armrest. In fact, it’s a kind of sofa.

Dormeuses were in vogue about a century ago, but they will fit into a modern home as well. Take a look at CASANOVA and JOSEPHINE DORMEUSE from Bellavista Collection. Aren’t they lovely? Don’t they look modern?

Size Options to Choose From

If you have enough space and want a spacious sofa, Bellavista has lots of grand-looking options to offer.

What is more, some of the models are available in two or three widths, so you can select the one that will be the most suitable for your room.

For example, look at DULCECHINA sofa that can be either 208 centimeters (81,9 in.), 258 cm. (101.6), or 308 cm. (121.3) wide. DULCECHINA sofa belongs to Dulcechina collection – the group of remarkable pieces designed by Attilio Zanni in 2018. This extremely talented all-round Italian designer created almost all the items for Bellavista Collection. He mentioned that when creating Dulcechina, he was inspired by charming Orient.

This remarkably attractive sofa is made of elegant-looking dark-colored moka stained oak; its metal details are made of brass with antique bronze finish. Like all the sofas and most of other upholstered pieces in Bellavista, DULCECHINA can be upholstered in either fabric or leather.

If you are a fan of leather furniture, you will definitely like MADLEINE LEATHER sofa. In addition to leather upholstery (if you choose this option), its structure is also covered with prime quality leather. Its cast brass feet with hammered antique bronze finish look really grand.

The sofa is available in a number of widths and depths. Depending on your choice, MADLEINE LEATHER sofa can be 130, 190, or 240 centimeters wide (51.2 74.8, and 94.5 inches respectively.) Depths also wary: the 130-centimeter-wide sofa will be 82 centimeters (32.3 inches) deep, and two others will be 95 centimeters (37.4 inches). Height of all three models is the same: 73 centimeters (28.7 in.). So is the seat height, which is 40 cm. (15.7in.).

Two more sofas available in three size options are FILIPPO and GRACE WOOD SOFA. The first one can be either 220, 260, or 280 cm. wide (which is 86.6, 102.4, or 110.2 inches respectively). The depth in all three options remains the same and equals 105 cm. Width options of GRACE WOOD SOFA are 200, 250, and 300 centimeters (78.8, 98.4, and 118.1 inches).

Looking for something special?

If you are looking for a sofa that will look every bit gorgeous, take a glance at PATTY. Its eye-catching peculiar shape turns out to be very convenient in daily use. Feet of this sofa are made of ebony – one of the most beautiful woods.  PATTY is 326 centimeters (128.4 inches) wide, so it requires a rather large space. A great choice for a large living-room or an open plan apartment.

Many people love the look of natural wood. If you agree with them, you will appreciate GRACE WOOD SOFA and MADLEINE WOOD sofas.

Ebony and grey sukupira of MADLEINE WOOD; natural American walnut, moka stained American walnut, and dark stained American walnut of GRACE WOOD SOFA – each of these woods looks magnificent.

Do you prefer dark-colored woods? If yes, JOSEPHINE and PURO sofas are for you. Their bases, made of moka stained ashwood, look elegant indeed. By the way, both are available in four size options.

Metal can look attractive, too. Just look at the sofas called MY CHESTER and MY CHESTER TUFT. Their bases are made of brass with antique bronze finish, giving these furniture items a distinctive look.  Both of these sofas were designed relatively recently – in 2018 – but they already have become popular with customers.

In fact, this could be said about all the pieces from Bellavista Collection, from various furniture to lamps or decorative statuettes. No wonder: a thing is bound to become popular, when three conditions are met. First, a brilliant design. Second, highly skilled craftsmen. Third, only prime quality materials. Bellavista Collection always meets all three, so its products have always been unsurpassed. Just visit the company’s website – and you will easily see it for yourself.

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