Can I Use a Stair Lift if I Use a Wheelchair?

Many times, a chair lift is a necessary equipment in a home. Not only does it help to provide independence for users, but it also gives home owners a piece of mind. However, there is still one question that home owners need to consider. If there are people in a home that suffer from arthritis or suffer from knee injuries and have to be in a wheelchair most of the time, the question would be: is a chair lift still sufficient and is able to cater to these groups of users?

With many chair lift service providers out there, it is important that you get your stair lift providers to look into this matter and provide a holistic solution for you. Consequently, in this article, we will provide some alternatives to solve this problem at home. There are three options namely: a wheelchair platform stair lift, a conventional stair lift, or a glass platform lift.

You might want to look at a conventional stairlift, a wheelchair platform stairlift or perhaps a through-floor lift.

Wheelchair Platform Stair Lift

A wheelchair platform stair lift is also commonly known as a stair climbing wheelchair, is a stair lift that is specifically designed to take a wheelchair. It serves as an inclined platform stair lift that is solely meant for wheelchair users. However, do note that most likely, a sunken area needs to be constructed at the bottom of the stairs in order for there to be a levelled access. In addition, do take note that there has to be enough space at the bottom as well as at the top as the wheelchair platform lift area can be quite wide. One has to also consider the other surrounding areas; if the wheelchair platform will serve as a blockage to other areas.

Conventional Stair Lift

If you decide to stick to the conventional stair lift, there are several questions that one would need to ask him or herself. Firstly, if the person that is bounded by the wheelchair is able to get out of the wheelchair on his or her own and get onto the stair lift easily, then getting a stair lift would be sufficient. However, if that isn’t possible, then one would require a care taker. Next, one would also need to consider if there is enough space for the wheelchair user to get close enough to the stair lift. Not only that, but one has to ask if there is a need for someone to bring the wheel chair up and down the stairs. All in all, one has to consider these issues and discuss them with the stair lift service provider.

Through-Floor Lift The last alternative is to consider a through-floor lift. A through-floor lift can be quite costly because it takes up quite a lot of space. It functions as a vertical lift and does not work hand in hand with a stair. It exists as its own, unlike the wheelchair platform lift which is linked to the stairs. In conclusion, it is important that you get some professional advice before proceeding to buy any of these three equipment. 

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