Things to Consider When Remodeling Your Floor

Newness can be both scary and exciting. The freedom to change something in your home seems refreshing, but when it’s something you’ve never had you won’t know for sure if you like it until you try it. When remodeling begins, after the kitchen and bathroom, the floor is usually considered next. Today there are many options for remodeling a floor. Floors can be made of carpet, cork, bamboo or tile. No matter what kind of floor you choose, a few things you should consider are maintenance, durability, and design options. Do your research ahead of time and pick a backup plan in case your idea doesn’t work out or if your chosen option is not available.

Floor Maintenance

Keeping your floors pristine over time is going to take little more than cleaning. Although a regular cleaning schedule is advised so you can keep them looking as new as possible. Think about the type of flooring you are choosing and the possible costs for repairs. When repairing tile floors, we must make sure the concrete underneath is level with the rest of the area and we must also maintain the existing pattern. Hardwood floors will need to be refinished and other wood floors will just need replacement pieces. For best quality, I have chosen bamboo flooring Seven Hills. Carpet repairs can consist of patching areas and repairing carpet seams as well as tough stain removal.


When thinking of what type of floor is going to last consider those materials. Carpet tends to look dated much faster than hardwood or tile. Depending on the wear and traffic over time, the tiles will eventually need to be touched and the hardwood will need to be refinished. Tiles are probably the best option for holding water. If they are sealed properly at installation, they should be waterproof. The question is how long do you have before you need the extensive maintenance. Tiles and carpet can be restored to their original look in the meantime if you hire a flooring expert.

Design Options

Check out a trend magazine for floors and get some ideas on the types of floors that are going to give your home the most modern look. For the kitchen, you’ll need a design that’s both durable and looks great. A special spill resistant tile might be recommended for this area. Bathrooms are another area that needs to have a moisture resistant floor. Look for something elegant that is going to make your other bathroom colors pop. For living and dining room areas, a hardwood floor is popular today. A wider plank is probably going to be the most cost-effective. Bedrooms are always going to be your cozy area. Choose what works best for you. A carpeted floor is still a popular option, but you can’t forget about the maintenance issue. If you do use carpet, think about how soft you want it to be.


Remodeling your floor gives a room a whole new look and feel. Pace yourself and complete your rooms one at a time. Remodeling can be exhausting. If you don’t wait before you move on, you will risk having an unfinished project. Remember to consider the maintenance, durability and design options before you commit to ripping up your floor. Have fun and enjoy your new project.

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