The Best Free Online File Converters for All Your Formatting Needs

Have happy wheels unblocked you ever received a file or created someone who needs to be in different form? Whether it is easy to think of you from PDF to DOC, GP to BM, or MP3 on WAV, documents, images, audio, and video files.

For mega guide media file conversion tools in Windows
For mega guide media file conversion tools in Windows
Think how they want to improve media media? This media file is your guide outside the jungle. We set the most relevant media file conversion tools and show you how to use them.

Each of these free online services is ideal because they provide different types of file exchanges in one place. Therefore, many sites do not have to bookmark or you often are required to meet the most common type of conversion.


Before testing your first file conversion online –, you can check for fast-supported file types. In the small box on the top right, pop-in and in file types. Go and hit if the site supports your needs. Then, when you’re ready to go, you can choose the audio, video, picture, document, eBook, or archive converter on the main page.

Select your target format from the drop-down box in the Apply section. You will then be directed to a new page where you browse your file, enter its URL, or upload it from your cloud storage service. Click on the file to change and you are done. As Bonus, a Heat Generator offers the homepage.

  1. Change Files

Convert.Files is an easy option with different input inputs and output file formats. Browse your URL to browse or start your file. Select your formats from documents, drawings, presentations, e-books, videos, pictures, or audio categories. If you upload your file, the input method can automatically spread to the correct form, if it is easily detected.

Then, you can mark the checkbox so that you have a link to your email directly or just hit the conversion button to catch your file. When conversion is completed, click the link given to get your new file. And if you are looking for a specific file type yet, you can review all the helpful formats.

  1. Conversions

To quickly replace the files with your computer, dropbox, Google drive, or one url, check Convertio. Listen to your file and then select your conversion type from the picture, document, e-book, presentation, or vector format. What’s good about Convertio that you can change multiple files at once by clicking the Add more files button. And you can save files you like in a dropbox or Google drive.

When you’re ready, click the Change button and you can see conversion progress with file size. Then, hit this download button for every converted file. You can also download the jeep file containing all your conversions, which is another feature.

  1. Zamor

Armorz supports over 1,200 file conversion types. Before you start, make sure you can review the popular conversion type on this page. Then, browse your file or enter its URL and choose the output form. You can take photos, documents, music, videos, e-books, compressed, or preset video options.

Zamor works a bit apart from other converters, in which you have to enter an email address to get your new file. The site also offers an inbox to manage your files with a paid account. If you do not mind using your email address to get your file, or like it, then look at the floor.

  1. FileZigZag

FileZigZag is an e-mail based file converter like Zamoras and supports this document, audio, image, video, and archive files. Just upload your file, select the output format, enter your email address, and click Change. When you receive an email, follow the link to get your converted file.

After changing your file, FileZigZag offers a few options to review before heading in your inbox. You can delete the file from their server (which is stored for three days), upload the changed file to your cloud storage, or change source file or change the file in a different way. Again, if you need to keep an email with your file, FileZigZag is a good free service.

  1. FreeFileConvert

FreeFileConvert supports a whopping 8,300 conversion combinations. So, if you have any extraordinary visit, visit this site. You can add five files to convert once, just note that they have the same file type. Once you upload your file, the Output Format box will adjust automatically with the formatted formats. Click and click when it’s ready, download to get your file.

With FreeFileConvert, you can convert archive, document, e-book, audio, image, presentation, vector, ca, and font file formats. And, by clicking on one of these helpful types on the homepage, you can quickly review all of the file formats available.

  1. Online file converter

For other services that convert audio, video, image, document, and archive file formats for free, look at the online file converter. Just scroll to your conversion conversion and choose your target format. Then, browse your file or enter its URL.

The site offers some great options while changing some file types. For example, you can add size, color, or image files. Or for audio files, adjust a bit of resolution, sample rate, number of audio channels, or audio trim. When you are finished, click Change file now and download the changed file.

What is the most common file conversion type?
With a variety of file conversion, usually unusual, a tool is a great solution to handle them all. Each of them offers a little different from the rest of the things, so make sure to meet all your needs.

For mega guide media file conversion tools in Windows
Think how they want to improve media media? This media file is your guide outside the jungle. We set the most relevant media file conversion tools and show you how to use them.

Which type of files do you have to change often? Are there photo formats like SVG, TIFF, and PNG? Or maybe it’s ebook files like ePub, LIT, and TCR? Let us prefer to your general conversion types and the following comments that tell you free online services!

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