Add Indoor Comfort to Outdoor Living Spaces

Even the best amongst us are susceptible to becoming couch potatoes. This has led to a lot of Australians not making the most out of their outdoor living spaces.

For most people, the perfect outdoor space should be located indoors. After much deliberation,
we’ve come up with the ideal way for you to get the same level of indoor comfort you’re used to, outdoors.

Outdoor spaces offer you and your family the opportunity to custom create your very own sanctuary. Below are a few of the most effective ways for you to make your outdoor space as comfy as possible.

1.  Install a cooking area

This addition doesn’t have to be too fancy. A simple designated cooking area beside or within your outdoor space is all you need to reinvent it.

A cooking area is bound to bring your loved ones together, and we’re most comfortable around those we love.

2. Invest in a BBQ grill/ Pizza Oven

Having outdoor cook-offs are bound to make any Australian home feel more comfortable. Australian weekends are fueled by smoke-filled backyards packed with family and friends.

3. Install an outdoor entertainment system

This is the best-kept secret in the world of outdoor family spaces. Are your kids glued to the TV? If your answer is yes, why not install one outside?

4. Install a roof over your patio

Australian summers tend to be brutal at times. The best way to make the most of the weather is to install an open roof over your patio.

Open roofs give you protection from the sun while filling your patio with a stylish, fresh atmosphere.

5. Create a tropical getaway

You can take a trip to a serene botanical garden daily without leaving the comfort of your home. All you have to do is invest in a couple of lush, green plants that require very little care and do well outdoors.

6. Move the things you care about outdoors

What are those objects in your home that make it feel so warm and comfortable? If it’s family
pictures, hang a couple of them up on your patio and watch how your space instantly transforms from an alien environment to a warm, welcoming one.

7.Expand Wi-Fi coverage outdoors

We want to be able to do the things we do outdoors, indoors. Expanding the coverage of your
Wi-Fi network to your outdoor space is bound to make it feel more comfortable. There’s no denying the fact that a lot of us “live” on the internet these days.

8. Install artificial turf

If you live in an urban area and your home includes an outdoor space of considerable size such as a rooftop, you can go ahead and install a green field or AstroTurf or even a green rug. This
will make your space feel more open and welcoming.

9. Install  a fireplace

Temperatures tend to drop sharply at certain points during the day. A fireplace is ideal for keeping you warm during outdoor activities.

It can act as a homing beacon that draws people to it when they’re outdoors. Sitting by a fire in the middle of your backyard is sure to become the centre of attraction.

10. Introduce a couch

Saving the best for last, this is perhaps the most important addition to your living space. Having a  couch is going to bring that indoor feeling to your outdoor area. Throw in a couple of pillows and a blanket, and you’re good to go.

Image Pixabay CC0 License

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